Introducing ‘Radkey’: Bringing punk back to its roots…

Radkey are a Missouri bred band consisting of three brothers- Dee (lead singer and vocalist), Isaiah (bass) and Solomon (drums). The trio are managed by their Dad and they play hard hitting punk-grunge-rock in a way that no one else seems to do anymore. Their sound is raw, honest and fun. It’s the kind of music you can let loose and dance crazy to. The Outcast Crew caught up with bassist Isaiah and threw him a few questions.


  • Where has been your favourite place to play so far?

That’s a tough one.. We’ve played so many cool places, I couldn’t really choose.

  • What was it like recording in the Wreckroom basement? 

It was one of the coolest recording environments that you could ask for. Super laid back. We had a blast making that record.

  • What were your feelings right before your very first show? 

We were all pretty nervous. But after the first song kicked in all the nerves were gone. It was really cool.

  • What is your favourite video game to play when you need to unwind? 

Super Mario 3, Smash Bros. 64 and any Harvest Moon game!

  • In terms of the band what has been the highlight so far? 

The biggest highlight would probably our first ever headlining tour of the UK. It really means a lot to have a successful headlining tour tour. And we selling out the 100 Club in London was a really big deal for us.

  • Is there any bit of advice that you were given that will always stay with you? 

Best advice we’d ever gotten was to practice 15 minutes a day everyday.

  • If you want people to take away one thing from your music ideally what would it be? 

We just want people to have a really good time pretty much. Wanna show that there are still rock bands out there.

  • Your merch is pretty cool, who designed them?

Thanks! Our uncle designed the logo tee. A guy named Bear did The 7” one. Todd Kancarr did all of our cover art and a few of the shirts.

  • What would be top of your bucket list? And what would definitely not be on your bucket, or rather, on your NEVER-want-to-do list?

Sell out an entire tour! Playing a battle of the bands again is probably top of the never want list.

  • Best and Worst experience from touring with a band?

We don’t really have any bad experiences so far. We’ve really dug every band that we’ve toured with so far. Touring with Drenge and Black Joe Lewis were definitely some of our favorite tours.

Quickfire Questions

Simpsons or Family Guy?
– Simpsons!

Favourite Pokemon?
– Mine is Geodude easily. Sol’s is Charmander and Dee’s is Squirtle.

Pizza or Subway?
– Pizza!

Favourite ice-cream flavour?
– Kinda boring, but Vanilla rules.

Night-in or Night-out?
– Night-in defninitely.

Coke or Pepsi?
– Coke!

Sun or Snow?
– Definiftly Sun.

Favourite Superhero?
– Iron Man. Dee’s is Wolverine and Sol’s is Spider-Man

Cats or Dogs?
– Cats are number 1.

Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?
– Lord of The Rings by a lot.

Apple or Android?
– Apple.

Fender or Gibson?
– Gibson! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Radkey hit Academy 2 on June 26thwith support from New Valley Woods. Their EP “Devil Fruit” is out now on itunes.


What do YOU guys think?

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