A Young Doctor’s Notebook


A Young Doctor’s Notebook is based on short stories written by the Russian author Mikhail Bulgavok, written in the 1920s. Jonn Hamm’s character looks back on his younger years as a doctor in early 20th century Russia, around the time of the Russian revolution. Radcliffe plays Hamm’s younger counterpart, a recently graduated doctor who is sent into the depths of the Russian countryside to head a very small hospital. But due to his small stature, his young face, and his obvious nerves, he is not immediately respected or trusted in his abilities. Throughout the show Radcliffe’s young doctor interacts with his older self, resulting in surreal and humorous scenes- Radcliffe’s comedic timing is a thing of beauty. Due to the medicinal nature of the show it is full of gore, including buckets of blood and a hide-behind-your-hands amputation scene.


It’s rare that a child actor from a major franchise can enter into new ventures without you constantly thinking of their one big role. And Daniel Radcliffe, despite being one of the most famous child actors in arguable the most famous franchise, is one of those people. His role in Young Doctors Notebook is so far removed from Harry, and acted out so well that Harry doesn’t even pop into your brain (and this is coming from a die-hard Harry Potter fan). He makes a stunning and believable performance as a flustered morphine addict, reaching incredible depths of acting talent and emotions. The Young Doctors Notebook was a surprise success and was renewed for a second season which started back in November on Sky Arts. You can watch season one on American Netflix.

Words by Lissa


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