Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

If there’s anything more heart warming than a song written by Andrew McMahon then I haven’t heard it yet. Like with all his previous musical endeavours this new song is a great slice of feel good pop with piano riffs so familiar it transports you back to the days of sitting out in the sun with friends listening to ‘Everything In Transit’. Now working under the name Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness, Andrew storms back into our lives in a beautiful way, providing just three minutes and 43 seconds of happiness in this shitty old country we’re stuck in.

For a lot of us involved in the Something Corporate/ Jack’s Mannequins scene, we were there for all the shit that Andrew had to go through, namely finding out he had leukemia on the same day he finished Everything In Transit, and even now after all this time he still stands as a glimmer of hope in the dark. Just like back then, he is positive and happy. He built his life back up when everything crashed down around him and hopefully with this new album he can bring the same kind of hope to a new generation of kids that he gave us back then.

Official Website
Dear Jack Foundation

Words by Lissa


What do YOU guys think?

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