Movie Of The Week: Real Time

Real Time is a little-known Canadian movie from 2008 that is well worth your time.


Real Time centres around a reckless gambling addict in serious debt and the man who is sent to kill him. The hit man Reuban (Randy Quaid), gives Andy Hayes (Jay Baruchel), less than two hours to get his affairs in order and say goodbye to his loved ones.

The movie plays out in real time and it’s brilliance lies in the back and forth conversation between Andy and Reuban as Andy attempts to come to terms with what is about to happen. Although slightly on the predictable side, this movie is sad, funny, and surprisingly heart-warming. It is a story about truth, morality, and the daily strife of those who are struggling to get through each day. Despite feeling sorry for Andy’s imminent death, at no point during this movie do you feel anger or hatred towards the man who is due to carry it out. This is partially due to the script but mainly due to the humanity brought to the character by Quaid. He, like Andy, is just struggling to get from one day to the next.

This movie leaves you questioning life and how you are living it. It leads you to question the ways you are spending your time and whether you are living fruitfully. It is a great movie for those days where you need to feel inspired to make your life something greater.


Trigger Warnings: Smoking. Gambling. Guns. Death.

Words by Lissa


What do YOU guys think?

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