Stairwells: Reviewed

If perchance you haven’t heard of Stairwells yet, they are a melodic hardcore emo band from Dublin who formed in October of 2014. They are made up of members of great bands such as Starters, Over Being Under, Milestones, Morning Lights and Famine, and have come together to form some sort of Ultimate Super-Band. They released their first album, self-titled, on March 7th 2015 for free* on bandcamp.

For a first album the quality is pretty high. They come from a genre that is wholly under-appreciated and they represent it proudly and loudly. From the catchy music to the clever lyrics, it’s just a damn good album. While it has strong tunes throughout, the highlight comes in the form of track four’s ‘Dark Nights’ with an early noughties hardcore vibe that’ll make you feel all nostalgic and fuzzy inside. ‘Unbroken’ is a beautiful interlude leading into a passionate ‘Postcards’, with things picking up again with ‘A Year Later’ and ending with a kicking ‘I’ve Got Nothing Left’ which fizzles out nicely with the words “I’m completely done…”.

The main thing that can separate an album from being average to being amazing is the song layout, and these guys got it to a T. It leads you in with the instrumentals giving a smooth lead up to a mix of slow mellow tunes and heavier beats. Hardcore can be a difficult one for ‘easy listening’ but Stairwells have produced a melodic hardcore album you can listen to the whole way through easily; they’ve gotten the mix down perfectly.

If you want to hear more, the lads are having an album launch on April the 4th in the Mercantile and will be playing alongside, The Winter PassingAxecatcher,and Homecomings (all of whom you should definitely check out). It’s €5 entry, or €8 for the album too. Stall down to support your local scene! It’ll be a good show.


*it was downloadable for free on bandcamp but they’ve actually run out of free downloads. It can now be downloaded *here* Or if you want to support them financially you can do so via their bandcamp, or by getting an old school cassette version for all your 1990′s needs.


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