Review: Amano ‘Skies’

Amano is an up and coming singer songwriter from Kerry. She began making youtube videos of song covers aged 15 and her talents grew from there. She is releasing her debut single ‘Skies’ on April 24th. It was recorded in Lamplight Recording Studios after she was selected by Guinness Amplify.

Ireland is chock blocked full of amazing brewing talent, but Amano really stands out. She has deservingly been named one of Hot Presses ‘Hot for 2015′.

‘Skies’, her debut single, is unique and enchanting. It is encompassed by Amano’s heavenly vocals and light smooth instrumentals. The song grows stronger as it advances, evolving into a truly enrapturing and moving piece of music. It has a very slight folky twang throughout, and the lyrics are beautiful and poignant. Her voice is very unique and distinctive and her vocal range is timid and plays very well into her strengths.

Amano is taking a break from touring as she takes her exams, but will be back hitting up venues in the summer, kicking it off with Kfest on May 28th.

Words by Lissa


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