Check the Register!! #voteyes

The big day is coming in quick so make sure you CAN vote when the day comes. So many people ‘presume’ they are on the Register of Electors once they turn 18, but they’re not. Even some people who have voted before still have to register to vote!

So check the register to see if you’re on it and if you’re not, fill out this form and get it to your local authority before the 5th of May! There’s still time, go!!*

Don’t presume we have this in the bag just because all your friends and family are supportive and you think “Pfffft its the 21st century, everyone is going to vote yes!” because there are still a lot of people out there who are afraid of change.

Your vote will make a difference. 

*your local authority have to receive your registration form 15 days before a referendum/election for you to in to vote, and then its only an application. So don’t wait! Do it now! *points*

Also, for any of your “Vote Yes” poster needs, like the ones below, visit

everyones-different-1 giving-rights-2 making-2


What do YOU guys think?

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