Review: All Time Low ‘Future Hearts’

Future Hearts is All Time Low’s sixth studio album and was released on April 3rd 2015 via Hopeless Records.

With every album All Time Low get better and better. Future Hearts is the perfect blend of sombre ballads and hard hitting punchy pop punk; the result is a very compacted and well put together album. It’s somewhat more mature than their previous albums (but thankfully not enough to taint their ATL playful charm). Future Hearts starts slow in the powerful ‘Satellite’ and builds up to the explosive second track ‘Kicking and Screaming’ which has a slight throwback to their earlier sound.

All in all this album has less of a pop streak and is instead full of stadium anthems, especially in the first song ‘Satelittes’ and ‘Kids In The Dark’, both of which would sound best soaring over a crowd and into the night sky at a festival.

There are two notable cameos, Mark Hoppus on the track ‘Tidal Waves’ and Joel Madden on ‘Bail Me Out’. Tidal Waves is a beautiful ballad and Mark’s vocals are the perfect soulful addition amidst Alex’s mournful tones. ‘Bail Me Out’ is much more upbeat and has such a Good Charlotte vibe to it that it would just have been weird if a Madden brother wasn’t involved.

All in all Future Hearts is consistently full of great songs and mirrors the bands rise from small stages to stadiums. Their next and nearest gig is at Belsonic in Belfast on August 26th.

Words by Lissa


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