Review: Brawlers – “Romantic Errors Of Our Youth”

Getting quite a bit of coverage in a very short space of time, Leeds based punk-rock quartet recently released their debut album “Romantic Errors Of Our Youth” through Alcopop Records. Comprised of ex-members of bands hailing from alt, punk, metal and noise rock backgrounds, the collective brings a diverse and somewhat nostalgic sound to our excited ear-holes.


We caught up with Ant from the band who let us know what it was like to release their first Brawlers album;

“Exciting! I think we’re a hard band to pigeon hole so having the space to create 10 songs to show an audience what we’re all about is really important and we’re very grateful for the opportunity.”

The album opens with a kick in the form of Annabel and doesn’t let up the whole way through. High Again has a distinct Nirvana influence with N.O.R.E.S.T. sounding like it could have come straight out of a Ramones compilation (in the best possible way!) The final title track closes the collection nicely with an anthem that tugs on all of our dysfunctional heart strings. Our personal favourite though is “Two Minutes”, a fast-paced tune carried over from their E.P. of the same name with an intensity that can only be expressed through a good old jump around. We asked Ant what his favourite track is to play live;

“Probably I’m Having a Nervous Breakdown because it’s perhaps our most direct track, plus it’s my most honest lyrically – I get to exorcise a few demons when I sing it…”

Overall, the whole thing is a concise and well produced punk album that could be the soundtrack of any alt-cult 90′s teen movie. The band feel “it’s done a good job of getting us away from being perceived as a straight up Pop-Punk band, plus the reviews have been incredibly supportive.”

Brawlers head on tour this week with Set It Off and Decade and are back in the UK for Camden Rocks Festival. Anything else coming up? Irish date perhaps?

“Heaps of touring in the UK and further afield, few festivals, I really want to record an album per year so personally, I’m writing heaps on our down time…”

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see… nab the album on iTunes or through Alcopop Records or have a listen on Spotify! Good luck to the lads on the rest of the year, hope to see yas around!


What do YOU guys think?

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