Introducing: Fighting Giants

Fighting Giants Group Pic 1

Fighting Giants are a female fronted four piece alternative band from Massachusetts, consisting of Michelle Herrick, John Murphy, Adam Tindell, and Sean Croteau. Combining their backgrounds in a wide variety of genres such as pop punk, metal, doomcore, and indie, Fighting Giants have come together to create a solid and diverse indie rock sound. We caught up with the band about their upcoming EP and the formation of the band which they described as happening “very inorganically at first. Mimi and I (John) have been playing shows together since our early teen years but never made any kind of music with one another. We got together, worked on a few songs she had kicking around in the bank, and it was absolute magic. Perfect musical chemistry right from the get go. It’s honestly hard to ask for anything better. We actually started out unintentionally aggressive, as we tried to find a balanced rhythm section. We spent more or less all of 2014 sporadically gigging and trying to find “our sound”. It became apparent that for the style of song writing we were working on, feel and space were the foremost priorities. After a few member cycles we reached out to Adam Tindell and Sean Croteau to see if they’d be interested in playing bass and drums respectively.”

Fighting Giants are part of an emerging alternative scene in Massachusetts that had, until recently, been hidden in the background, “The Alternative scene in Massachusetts, specifically the Western side of the state, is definitely still a budding one. We have these amazing original acts who are finally emerging from the wood work! The true blue talents have sort of had to work in secret, plotting and waiting for their chance to strike. The opportunities for alternative acts has been consistently on the rise and we are so excited to be a part of a rebuilt alternative “scene” in our home.”

FG album art

Their new six-track EP ‘Soundbox Sessions’ is out on May 8th, and was recorded with Clinton Lisboa of Soundbox Recording. They spoke to us about the ease at which they recorded with, their excitement about being in the studio, and the EP’s upcoming release, “I can’t even begin to describe how excited we are for the release of the record!!!! Once we finally got into the studio, the experience we had with Clinton Lisboa of Soundbox Recording was second to none. The album was recorded live, a first for all of us, and holy cow did it go well! All of us came out of that experience musically revitalized!  With one weekend and just a few hours of tracking, Soundbox Sessions was born! That ease really translates to the EP. The support and feedback from our amazing fans, media, and just normal passerbys (now new fans!) has been humbling, rewarding, and exciting all in one!”

The ease is definitely evident in the opening track ‘Subtle Changes’ which is a quiet instrumental. It’s a nice opener for the EP, it’s attention grabbing and lets you in gently. But it’s a real treat when the vocals come in on the second track ‘Coexist’, especially when it picks up near the end and turns into a more progressive pop-rock sound.

The third track on the EP, ‘We All Look The Same’, is definitely the highlight. Singer Michelle Herrick’s voice is smooth and sweet and sits nicely on top of the flow of the music. But it’s the closing track that the band are most excited for people to hear. From a music role reversal between Mimi and John, and the passionate vocal and lyrics, it’s a great ending to the album. “It’s by far the longest track on the EP and there’s this incredible roll reversal in guitar playing between Mimi and myself (John). Even though she’s still crushing vocals, she floats through searing lead lines while I sort of bounce around as the rhythm. To hear a converted bassist, who’s only been playing guitar a few years, shred so melodically is nothing short of incredible. Above and beyond that; the message is very positive, harping repeatedly “We All Fall Down”, something I think everyone could use a reminder of every now and again.” All in all ‘Soundbox Sessions’ is a great EP with silky vocals that meld beautifully into the polished indie-pop rock instrumentals.

Fighting Giants have a busy few months ahead of them, “2015 is a big big year for Fighting Giants! We’ve got a full calendar following the May 8th release, through the whole spring and early part of summer! For the rest of the year we’ll be in full time gig mode supporting Soundbox Sessions. Anywhere from Portland, ME to Providence, RI, and in between, we’re looking to get this record heard by a wide audience. Come late August we’ll be spending another weekend at Soundbox Recording tracking another EP to be released as a 7″. You’re going to want to stay tuned in with us for sure!”

Yes, we definitely are! You can grab their EP tomorrow (May 8th) over on their bandcamp. In the meantime you can check out their live recording of ‘Coexist’.

Words by Lissa


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