Slam Dunk Interview: Only Rivals


Only Rivals are one of Ireland’s hardest working bands; between tours supporting bands like All Time Low and Finch, and doing the festival rounds, these guys seem to be constantly on the road. Their latest EP Details was a major success, opening lots of doors for them… We talked to bassist Sean and drummer Ally before they stormed the Fresh Blood Stage at Slam Dunk North;

Is this your first time at Slam Dunk?

We were here when we were younger but it’s our first time playing yeah.

Any acts in particular you’re excited to see?

Lower Than Atlantis, Taking Back Sunday, Fireworks and Comeback Kid – there’s so many great acts! In terms of festival line-ups, no one hits their target audience better than Slam Dunk; they cater for everyone.

Where are you heading next?

After Slam Dunk we have a day off and then we’re going straight into a tour with Finch and Fort Hope for two weeks and then into festival season!

Where’s the maddest place you’ve ever played?

Nass Fest a year ago, to like 5 people! It was a skate festival and everyone was just outside watching the skateboarding (Sean: which is fair enough; if I was at a skate fest I’d be out watching the stunts!) And probably Brixton, we had only been a band for like 6 months and we played with All Time Low and Tonight Alive.

What bands would you like to work with in the future?

There’s so many! This is probably the most typical answer in the world but we’d love to work with Blink 182. They got me [Sean] into music, so to support them would be the dream. And then get Mark Hoppus to produce the record while he’s at it!

Do you find it difficult to make it in the music scene, particularly coming from Ireland?

[Ally: We’re still trying to make it ha!]

Yeah its tough! Not a lot of Irish bands make it, but we got lucky that people were really into the EP which got us a few tours. You have to do a lot of touring. You also really have to be prepared to leave Ireland if you want to make it.

We like to think of Outcast Magazine as a place for people who may still be looking for who they are;  do you have any advice to your fans who feel they haven’t found their place yet? 

Just be yourself. Do whatever you want to do. Liking rock music can be alienating but at the end of the day just be yourself. No matter how bad things are, they will always get better, you’ll always find your group of people. Slam Dunk is proof that even the weirdest kids can find their place.

Thanks lads! Check out the EP on the link above if you haven’t already! And make sure to catch them if they’re playing near you.

Click here to find out how we got on at Slam Dunk.


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