Slam Dunk interview: ROAM


ROAM are pop punks next big thing from Eastbourne, UK. They hit this year’s Slam Dunk festival with full force on the Macbeth Stage where they got everyone jumping around – nobody jumps like they do though! We caught up with vocalist/guitarist Alex shortly before the show.

Who are you excited to see today?

I wanna see Neck Deep, Such Gold and Knuckle Puck.

Whats your plans for after this?

Next up we’re doing a run of shows in Spain and France with All Time Low, and then we’ve a few more festivals over the summer and then we’re planning on heading back to the US in November.

Do you have any Irish dates coming up?

We do, we’ll be making an announcement soon enough about what we have coming up!

No sneak previews?

Ha no I’m afraid not.

What was the maddest place you’ve ever played?

We did the Pinky Swear Festival in Manchester, and Manchester has always been the craziest shows for us, but Pinky Swear in particular was probably the best show, there was loads of people, it was very messy, there were no barriers.

How did you find playing fibbers in Dublin?

That was cool, I liked that. The sound was bad but it was good fun.

Tell us about your upcoming album?

We actually just came straight from the studio to here, we’ve finished I’d say four songs now, most of the music is recorded we just need to add the vocals now. We’re excited.

We like to think of Outcast Magazine as a place for people who may still be looking for who they are;  do you have any advice for anyone who is finding it hard to fit in?

The only thing I’ll say is when you grow up you’ll realise it doesn’t matter, at all. So that’s a really good thing to know at that age; when you look back on it you’ll realise fitting in didn’t really matter.

ROAM will be hitting up the Academy 2 with State Champs and Knuckle Puck on September 16th, get your tickets over on ticket Or stay tuned for a chance to win tickets! Watch this space…

Click here to find out how we got on at Slam Dunk.


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