Review: Reminder ‘Of All The Things You Are’


Reminder are a 3 piece band hailing from Ontario. They self-released their EP ‘Of All The Things You Are’ back in late January. It’s 6 tracks of gritty in your face punk rock with a side of ska, skate, and grunge.

The whole album has a very raw sound, which works in its favour, bringing a more diverse gritty sound to the polished skate punk. Each song has it’s own vibe and space on the record, while still working cohesively as a well put together album.


Track 4 ‘Think Back’ is a stand out, oozing ska mixed with fast guitars with an infectiously catchy melody. The final song ‘Honest Things’ was a great way to end the album; it starts off with intense speed before breaking into a pop rock chorus and then returning to it’s feverish fastness before fuzzing out into nothingness at the end. Reminder are back in the studio now recording their first full length and have streamed a new song ‘Do You Still Feel Endearing‘. If Reminder are anything to go by, there’s a top notch alternative music scene in Toronto, that we’re gonna start keeping our eye on.

Cover Artwork by Jon Nolson
Words by Lissa


What do YOU guys think?

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