Introducing: The Devil Wants Her Swagger Back

Heavy metal isn’t exactly the first thing to pop into your head when you’re thinking about the Irish music scene, but that’s about to change. The Devil Wants Her Swagger Back have just released a new lyric video to their intense and energetic song ‘Eat This‘. ‘Eat This’ is part of a double single alongside ‘Monster In Me‘, both of which became available to buy on iTunes, Spotify, and all those interwebby places on May 25th, after being recorded at Trackmix Studios with Michael Richards.


Formed in 2013, The Devil Wants Her Swagger Back are a powerhouse of fast intense hardcore loud enough to make your ears bleed. They each hail from various corners of the country and have come together to form this angry, experimental, self proclaimed riff-driven metal. It isn’t all mayhem and head banging though, ‘Eat This’ is especially catchy and has as much danceability as headbangability. Keep an eye out on their facebook/twitter for their upcoming gigs, as it’s a show you’re not gonna want to miss.

Photo by Isla Grossi

Words by Lissa


What do YOU guys think?

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