Review: City Kids Feel The Beat ‘Kids!’

CKFTB are a heavy pop punk band from Ulm, Germany, and they released their EP ‘Kids’ on March 6th. They popped over here a few months ago and absolutely tore up Fibbers and Fred Zeppelins.

‘Kids’ starts off with an upbeat catchy old-school pop punk tune with heavier background guitars and my favourite name on the record ‘Your DJ Sucks’. It slides easily into the second track ‘Clowder’ which is tailor made for a live show, starting off with the perfect opportunity to have the crowd scream the lyrics, before heading into a jumpy pop punk riff which continues on until a heavy metal-esque breakdown in the middle; cue the mosh pits.

The first video they made was for ‘Forward’, one of the lighter songs on the EP, and it’s passionate pop punk at its finest; catchy, upbeat and infectious. It transports you back to the haydays of the genre while keeping it modern.

These guys have something to please everyone, from the pop punk kids to the hardcore fans, they fall somewhere in between making an irresistible sound that’s impossible to stay still while listening to.

Words by Lissa


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