John Wick Reviewed


Keanu Reeves plays former hit man who is forced out of retirement when some high-end thugs kill his dog and steal his car. Cue an hour and a half of kick-ass seamless fight sequences and a shit load of guns. This movie is exactly what it appears to be; Keanu Reeves kicking the shit out of a load of Russians. But hell, do they do it well.

Shot with no doubt a new-age steady-cam rig (like a MoVI, or the Ronin) the shots are continuous and seamless, as is Reeve’s weapons handling. Shot by Jonathan Sela (whose credits include Miley Cyrus’s infamous “Wrecking Ball” video) and edited by Elisabet Ronalds (yes, a lady!!) they make one hell of a team. In terms of plot, it’s not the most sophisticated but the visual entertainment more than makes up for it, if you’re in the mood for the sort of thing. The only thing that irked me is that they left it open-ended for no other apparent reason than a possible sequel, which apparently is already in the cogs of Hollywood’s mind machine.

8/10 for the genre that it is; perfect for a not-too-strenuous evening in.

Watch it if you liked; Taken, The Equalizer, The Bourne Identity

Trigger warnings; death, loss, violence, guns


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