New ‘City and Colour’ album to be released

Dallas Green, also known under the banner of City and Colour, is set to release a new album “If I Should Go Before You” on Dine Alone Records this October, before taking it on tour early next year.


With a sneak preview of what’s in store with single “Woman“, we’re presented with a new sound from the former blues/folk/post-hardcore vocalist accompanied by synth crescendos, verby guitars and slightly more dreamy undertones. The result is a 9 minute long epic, on the cusp between ultimate live performance and the creme-de-la-studio production.

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“Orphan Black” stars gets Emmy nomination (finally!)

Tatiana Maslany, star of BBC America series Orphan Black has finally got the Emmy nomination she deserves!


Tatiana, hailing from Canada, has starred in the drama/sci-fi series since 2013, now in its third season and scheduled for a fourth. Following the life of Sarah Manning and her clone “sisters”, Tatiana plays over 10 different characters (5-6 full time) and is only now being recognised outside of her fanbase for her tremendous thespian work.

You would seriously forget the same person is playing all the different characters, she really brings life to all of them equally.

Catch seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix or get the full 3 series through Amazon

Who’s your favourite?

“Song of the Sea” Reviewed

Song of the Sea Poster (2)

New Irish animated feature, Song of the Sea, was released in Ireland on Friday 10th July. From the same people who created The Secret of Kells (2009) comes a beautiful story about the Irish legend of the selkie.

Saoirse is a young girl, not yet able to speak, who discovers her mother left her a secret locked in the form of a musical shell. She and her brother (somewhat disgruntledly) venture out to save the fairy kind, and possibly their own family, on All Hallow’s Eve.

Not only is this beautifully animated but it is a well thought out story of cultural mythology whose narrative doesn’t exclude any audiences, even though it could be considered ‘very Irish’. The legend of the ‘selkie’ is a Gaelic tradition (Scotland, Ireland, Continue reading

Review: BoyMeetsWorld ‘Become Someone’


On June 16th, Ohio pop rockers BoyMeetsWorld released their debut full length album ‘Become Someone’. This unsigned five piece have been rocking around for a while having formed in the summer of 2012. They released the first song from the album ‘Best You’ve Ever Had‘, a catchy pop punk classic on April 28th, and shortly afterwards they released an acoustic rendition of track number 2, ‘So In What?‘.

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