Review: New Design ‘Far From Home’


New Design are an alternative rock band hailing from Brampton Ontario who released their first full length ‘Far From Home’ on June 30th, with the help of a Kenny Bridges. They have an almost prog-rock sound to them, with electronically melodic guitars, rising crescendos and heavy drum beats, that keep New Design standing out from the standard alt rock crowd.

The opening track is short and sweet; a quiet introduction with quiet vocals. There’s a notable hint of Brand New about them, with perhaps some influence from ASIWYFA. The whole album is a great mixture of slow subdued songs (There Is No Safe Place) and stadium anthems (The Things We Can’t Forget). ‘So Long’ combines slow starting melodies and quiet lyrics, bringing the track to a crashing end with shouting vocals and a heavy sound. It ends on a high point with ‘Far From Home’, with a chanted chorus of “Find your way back home” and thrashy drums that you can definitely sing and dance along to.

While for the most part the songs are low on lyrics, when they’re there they work well with the sound and vibe of the band as a whole. It seems to be a ‘coming-of-age’ album, in the sense of making the move of breaking away and finding your feet (both musically as well as socially) It’s a very cohesive album, well structured and paced. We’re looking forward to hearing what they come up with next!

You can buy and listen over on bandcamp. Physical copies will be available soon, check out their facebook to find out when.

Cover artwork by Dayne Silveira

Words by Lissa + Aoife


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