Review: BoyMeetsWorld ‘Become Someone’


On June 16th, Ohio pop rockers BoyMeetsWorld released their debut full length album ‘Become Someone’. This unsigned five piece have been rocking around for a while having formed in the summer of 2012. They released the first song from the album ‘Best You’ve Ever Had‘, a catchy pop punk classic on April 28th, and shortly afterwards they released an acoustic rendition of track number 2, ‘So In What?‘.

Become Someone is a solid and diverse effort with some songs having more of a modern pop rock vibe, while some are more reminiscent of the mid-2,000s pop punk scene. Each song is tailor made for the kids experiencing Warped Tour for the first time; from the ‘finding yourself’ lyrics to the airy catchy sound.

Become Someone opens with ‘Feel It In The Air’, your typical pop punk track, road trip lyrics included, but with added spunk and an originality that BoyMeetsWorld always bring to their music. The highlight of the album comes in on track 3 with ‘Rest Of Our Days’, which has a sliver of an early day Good Charlotte meets All Time Low, and acoustic track ‘You I Belong To’ is a sweet slow jam. The title track takes a slight step away from the pop punk and leans more towards the pop rock side of the genre scales.

The title perfectly sums up the lyrical themes of the album, being all about discovering yourself and finding happiness. They took their time releasing their debut and the wait was worth it. This album is the product of perfect timing and a lot of hard work. It’s tight, clean and energetic.

Get Become Someone now on itunes. BoyMeetsWorld, despite some bus trouble, are due to hit up the rest of Warped Tour.

Words by Lissa


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