Review: The Maine ‘American Candy’

American Candy is The Maine’s fifth studio album and was released on the 31st of March via Big Picnic Records.

With American Candy The Maine has shed what was left of their brooding pop punk roots for a more alternative pop rock kind of sound. It’s not completely removed from their previous albums though, their unique sound is still audible throughout the mainstream. It starts off with a smooth, light, and catchy ‘Miles Away’ which perfectly sets up the precedence for what to expect with the rest of the album. The highlight comes in ‘English Girls’, a paunchy pop-rock song with catchy undertones and fluid vocals; it was definitely a good choice as their first single. Another highlight is ‘24 Floors’, a mourning melodic suicide ballad. The title track is the standout stadium anthem that would act as the perfect show ender.

American Candy is full of little digs at those scouring them for their musical and aesthetic choices, proving that they’re currently playing the exact type of music that they want to, with no outside influences. It’s is a soulful, carefree album with a summer air, sweet and consistent with the familiar The Maine edge to it. They’ve settled down comfortably into their new stadium sound and the album is articulately crafted to be played live and sung back to them.


What do YOU guys think?

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