Interview: The Devil Wants Her Swagger Back

Having just passed their first birthday as a band, The Devil Wants Her Swagger Back are more determined than ever to bring metal back with a vengeance. We caught up with them before they head off overseas to spread their metaly seed further afield.

Gotta ask, where did the band name come from?

Hahaha we get asked that a lot, it actually came from our old singer, he showed us a song by Tyler the Creator called Splatter and it has a line that goes “Somebody tell Satan I want my fuckin’ swag back” We adopted it and changed it to The Devil Wants Her Swagger Back. I think it’s relevant in a different way now, when we got into metal it was one of the most dominant forces in the music industry with bands like Slipknot, Korn and Limp Bizkit being household names worldwide. In recent years metal has kind of been pushed to the wayside again; considered the music of the freaks and the recluses. You can see it in the likes of the Sophie Lancaster attack, things like that still happen today. Metal has always been called the Devil’s music, so we want to bring metal back to when it had some balls, some guts, and a hell of a lot of fuckin anger. We want to give the Devil her swagger back.

You have a few UK gigs lined up; where are you playing and is it your first time playing overseas?
We’re doing four gigs – four nights in four cities. We’re playing in Sheffield on the 27th, Mansfield on the 28th, Liverpool on the 29th, and Manchester on the 30th. We’ve also got another band that will be playing all four shows with us; Go Fast Or Go Home – if you’re into thrash check’em out. It is our first time playing overseas, and we’re so excited, just the chance to show our music to a whole new audience is gonna be deadly, and it’s just gonna be a good time regardless.


So, you’ve a new video due out soon for ‘Monster In Me’, right?
The video’s due out the 24th of August, just before we go to the UK. We actually haven’t recorded it yet, we’re recording it on the 16th of August, the day before we play with LEGEND, Antidotes and Call to Arms at Fibber Magees. We’re working with a guy called Patrick Donnelly who did video for our set at Templemore Metal Fest this year, he did a great job. Then Isla Grossi is going to be doing a photoshoot with us on the day, she’s a great photographer as well. We can’t wait to see what all their ideas are, and the lovely guys at Muzzle Music are letting us use one of their rooms to shoot the music video in, so it should be good fun!

What do you have planned when you come back from England?
Once we get back we’re gonna start working on our next EP, we just want to give people as much of our music as possible. After that we’re looking at doing some more touring, either around more of the UK or even possibly Europe

Without the constraints of time and space, what is the one band you’d love to play alongside?
Slipknot, definitely Slipknot, ideally during the Iowa days.

What was it that made you realise music was something you wanted to create?
We just love music, we love playing it, we love writing it, and we love that feeling we get when we see someone else enjoys our music as much as we do. We also just wanted to write the music that we wanted to hear, turns out quite a few other people wanted to hear it too.

Ireland’s alternative scene has (thankfully) been growing over the past few years, but do you still find Ireland to be a difficult place to break out in? 
Yeah without a doubt. Ireland has a very limited audience that we can reach, even with the internet. Besides that, there aren’t many international bands coming here that would have bands like us on the bill, and when bands do come over, they usually have support touring with them. The people here are great though, there’s been so many other bands, promoters and other people in the music industry here that are just always happy to help no matter what, and then you’ll see the people that genuinely enjoy your music showing up regularly to support you and it means the world. Despite this, we all agreed it was time we tried our luck elsewhere and that’s why we’re testing ourselves by going across the pond to the UK.

Many of us start out as outcasts; do you have any advice for anyone who still might be trying to find their place in the world?
Fuck everyone, take everything!

Thanks lads! We wish them the best of luck on their short tour, looking forward to hearing what they come up with next!


What do YOU guys think?

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