4 Reasons you need to go to see State Champs


State Champs are hitting up The Academy 2 on September 16th thanks to MCD, and these are the main reasons you’d be mad to miss it.

1) Their new stuff is sounding great

They’ve released two songs from their upcoming album; ‘Secrets’ and ‘Losing Myself’. The album is Around The World And Back and will be out October 16th. ‘Secrets’ and ‘Losing Myself’ are fun fast and catchy. If it’s anything to go by, the new album is gonna be stellar.


Their first support band is ROAM, Eastbourne pop punkers who are storming the scene loud, proud, and with admirable force. Plus, they’re lovely lads, check out the interview we did with Alex back at Slam Dunk in May.

3) Knuckle Puck

Second support is Knuckle Puck, who have just released their debut album ‘Copacetic’, firmly establishing themselves as one of the best in the genre.

4) They’re energetic, passionate and fun at their live shows.

Not only are their live shows great craic, but it’ll be their first time playing a headline show in Ireland! Plus, tickets are only €15.35 so sure why not. Check them out playing ‘Remedy‘ at the future hearts tour earlier on this year.

Grab your tickets over on ticketmaster before they sell out!


What do YOU guys think?

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