Review: Beware Of You ‘Self- Portraits’

Beware Of You are an unsigned alternative/pop punk/post hardcore band from Dublin. They formed pretty recently, having not even reached their first birthday yet. They’ve been making waves in the Dublin alternative scene over the past few months, being praised both for their energetic live shows, and their catchy songs. They released their debut EP ‘Self-Portraits’, (which was recorded in Red Lake Studios) last week, and they already have plans for their first album they’re hoping to release next year.


The EP opens with a very early 2,000s heavy alternative rock sound alongside gritty grunge vocals that, in contrast, have more modern punk rock tempo. The second song ‘Control’ is the lead single from the EP. It opens with a Jimmy Eat World-esque intro before crashing into a heavier breakdown. The vocals on this track have a nice little hint of Melissa Auf der Maur about them, which is spectacular and unfortunately rare these days.

The highlight is in the last two songs ‘I’ll Forget You’ and ‘Losing Game’. Both these tracks are sitting more in the pop punk end of the music spectrum and this is where Beware Of You seem to be most comfortable and are by far at their best. The vocals especially suit this type of genre, and these two songs are a perfect closure to what is ultimately a well put together and strong effort for a first EP. If those last two songs are anything to go by, expect to see this band hitting up all the major pop punk festivals over the next few years.

With this EP it is clear that Beware Of You are a powerhouse of energy and passion, and being a part of the music scene is exactly where they’re supposed to be. They are definitely one of the most exciting and promising bands in the Irish alt scene; representing the country proudly in a genre that is fighting tooth and nail for survival.

They’re hitting up Electric Picnic next week on the OxJam stage, so if you’re attending, make sure you pop by and support your local scene!

Words by Lissa


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