Review: Knuckle Puck ‘Copacetic’


Knuckle Puck released their new album ‘Copacetic’ on July 31st via Rise Records. It’s hard to believe that this is their debut full length album. It feels like they’ve been knocking around the music scene for long enough to be on their third or fourth. But maybe they’ve just been waiting to get it juuust right, plus, it coincides nicely with their first stint on Warped Tour.

There are a bunch of bands out there at the moment that are changing up the pop punk scene by adding their own flair to it, and with this album, Knuckle Puck are joining those ranks. It’s unpredictable and not just the usual pop punk of 2014’s While I Stay Secluded. They’ve increased their musical range with this one, pulling in elements of pop rock and college rock.

It opens with an aggressively fast tempo in ‘Wall To Wall (Deprication)’. The second track ‘Disdain’ sounds most like their old stuff, structured and sung very much in the way of today’s popular pop punk songs. The highlight is track 6 ‘Evergreen’, an infusion of all the genres present in the album, but the album ends with an unnecessarily long 7:52 minutes of ‘Untitled’.

The vocals are strong throughout and the bass demands to be heard with catchy and impeccably written riffs. Between the gritty vocals and the energetic but lamenting sound, this album can count itself among the legends of alternative music. It’s still impossible to believe that this is a debut album, while it’s not a completely clean sounding album, it’s presented in a way where it’s clear that it’s not meant to be. Everything else about the album is too spot on for it not to be.

You can get the album here on bandcamp. Knuckle Puck join State Champs and ROAM for a sold out show at The Academy 2 on September 16th.

Words by Lissa


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