Review: Frank Iero at the Academy Dublin

frnkiero andthe cellabration stormed the stage of The Academy Dublin this week, after an intimate show that afternoon in Tower Records. They were joined by northern Irish band Axis Of, who also made a lasting impression with their energetic performance.

500x500 A-3971017-1429089029-9420.jpeg

First off, let me say, Frank Iero is the only person who can wear a grandpa jumper and still look punk rock. Seriously. I dont know how he pulls it off… But anyway, its clear that he is as comfortable as a front man as he is as a cardigan-wearer, providing the right amount of back-and-forth conversation with the crowd, and great ability to draw us in and get us moving.

Its easy to think you could just go stare at Frank in wonderment for the entire gig, but The Cellabration have such a presence, and play with such passion that your attention is drawn easily around the stage. The whole band worked perfectly as a unit. The drummer was hitting those drums with every ounce of his strength, the bassist played with focus and drive, and the guitarist was running all over the place, keeping the energy on stage up.

While ‘She’s the Prettiest Girl At The Party and She Can Prove It With A Solid Right Hook‘ is my personal favourite song, it was ‘Joyriding‘ that stood out, the words being screamed from the crowd filled up the whole room and this was where the static feel of live shows was at its strongest. Personally, this is a band that can only be fully appreciated live.

They’ll be returning to the studio next year to make new music after a US tour. Get stomachaches now via Staple Records now!

Words by Lissa


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