The Kluster-Fux release first EP ‘Kill The President’

The Kluster-Fux hail from Tullamore, Offaly, and boast influences such as Dead Kennedy’s and Operation Ivy. They’re straight up punk; fast, aggressive and loud. They fill up the space of the gaping punk shaped hole in our music scene. They released their debut EP ‘Kill The President’ with 3 launch gigs all across the country; Bradley’s Cork, Roisin Dubh in Galway, and Fibbers in Dublin.


The EP starts with a kick ass bass line before breaking into messy noisy thrash punk that remains throughout the album. It’s angsty, vulger in places, and catchy; everything you want from a punk album. It’s not without its faults, there is no real fluctuation in the sound, it’s all very much the same, but that’s not exactly an unfounded thing when it comes to aggressive punk. They’re a pretty new band, give them a year or so and they’ll absolutely tear up the Irish music scene.

They’re having a hometown launch in Joe Lees, Tullamore on September 25th! Stall down and support your local scene!


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