Review: Brand New at Vicar Street


There’s something special about a room full of 20-something-year-olds going to see a band that they spent the best and worst parts of their teenage years listening to. Now that we’re out the other side, looking back at it through that music is a bonding experience that only a few share. And it seemed like in that dark hazy Vicar Street room we were all there for the same reason. We were all part of something that we came out of wiser, stronger and hopefully a little less self-deprecating.

For most people this would be their first time seeing Brand New since their gig in February 2007 at Tripod. (ha, remember Tripod??) So it was hard to know what to expect after such a big gap. They started off playing slow, leading us into what we had only sensed then would be one of the greatest gigs we had ever been to. But let me tell you, once that introductory bassline of Sic Transit Gloria set in, it was like a thousand hearts had burst open as the crowd joined in, singing the second vocal parts so loudly you couldnt even hear Jesse Lacey anymore. They played all their bests, including Seventy Times Seven where everyone reverted back to their teenage angst; screaming at that one friend that screwed us over that one time we had forgotten about until just now. From ‘Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don’t‘, to one of my personal favourites ‘Brothers‘, they brought energy and passion and the crowd responded with all the array of emotions. It made us glad to be where we were, with whoever we were there with!

Visually, the set was lovely, the microphones were decked with flowers and there was a gritty staticy video going on in the background. Basement were a great opener by the way. They pulled everyone out of the bar and into the room. I had found it strange that Brand New were touring so far away from their new album being released (whenever the hell that’ll be). But now I get it. They were reminding us just how fucking amazing they are.

Word by Lissa


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