Review: Fall Out Boy at 3Arena Dublin


I’m going to level with you, the last time I saw Fall Out Boy in Ireland was in 2006 in The Ambassador and they were shite. I remember being so disappointed. They only played for half an hour and their performance was lackluster and sounded awful. The problem back then was that Patrick had zero confidence and therefore could not hold the crowd as a frontman. Pete was just depressed, acted recklessly on stage and seemed to be trapped inside his own head. Joe always seemed spaced and stoned, and Andy just hid in the back behind his hair. (I also saw them at Leeds Festival in either 07 or 08, and they got bottled… so did my head). So you can imagine that while I was excited about this gig I was a little apprehensive. Would they still be as bad as they were almost ten years ago? Is it still just an unspoken thing between fans that they suck live?

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