Interview: Bitch Falcon

Bitch Falcon, a Dublin based rock trio, are bringing grunge back with a vengeance – and we love it. On Nialler 9’s hit list, as well as our own, the gang have had a great summer run with appearances at Knockanstockan, Electric Picnic and a single release to boot.


We caught up with them before they hit up Hard Working Class Heroes this weekend;

OC: “Bitch Falcon” is a pretty original name; was there any other name you considered before settling on it?

Lizzie: Well, the other guys weren’t in the band at that stage. We hadn’t a clue what to call us. Our then drummer, Radmilla, just randomly said it, or me an Fia (Nyhan Kavanagh, previous member) just misheard her. As soon as she said it, it just stuck perfectly.

OC: Without the constraints of time and space, which band/artist would you love to jam with?

Lizzie: Time space and fame? Then The Knife, Dirty Projectors and Deerhunter.
Naomi: Flying Lotus, Metronomy, Queens of the Stone Age…

OC: It’s been a busy festival season for you; have you played much outside of the country?

Lizzie: Unfortunately not! That’s something we’re gearing up to do.
Nigel: Once in Belfast which technically is outside of the country. Hopefully we’ll make it a little further by the end of this year.
Naomi: We would definitely like to spread the falcon’s wings across the seas next year.

OC: Where’s the best place you’ve played so far?

Lizzie: My personal favourite would be between Knockanstockan or Body&Soul stage at EP.
Nigel: Upstairs in Roisin Dubh for FEAST.
Naomi: Playing the Burrow stage at Knockanstockan just after the sun set was awesome.

OC: Do you find it particularly difficult to ‘break the scene’ overseas coming from lil old Ireland?

Lizzie: I think Ireland has a good enough rep for music so I wouldn’t feel ashamed or belittled playing abroad. Getting out of here to play is expensive and you’re just another drop in the ocean in different, bigger cities but i think we have a strong enough stage show to rattle a few heads abroad.
Naomi: Unfortunately, travel expenses are not on our side. Having played gigs with and befriended several bands from other countries, I’m sure the favour will be returned when we take flight out of Ireland.
Nigel: Honestly, we haven’t really tried up until this point. We’ve been concentrating on our own personal development as a band and leaving Ireland is a distraction to that. We’ve come a long way with our performances in the last 18 months and i think we can now begin to think about playing outside a little more seriously.

OC: What’s up next for Bitch Falcon?

Lizzie: Few more gigs, then shutting ourselves away for more writing and development (back to work!)
Naomi: A brief hibernation is forecast for the winter, so that we may emerge in spring full of riffs afresh.
Nigel: Lots of writing and practice!

OC: Many of us start out as outcasts; do you have any advice for anyone who still might be trying to find their place in the world?

Lizzie: No-one cares what you do, so take it as a free pass to do whatever you like! Be a world class bum, or a shite one if you fancy?
Nigel: If you worry about what other people expect of you then you will be taken off course on your journey. Go with your gut and make mistakes! Ultimately if what makes you happy goes against the norm then that is exactly what you should be doing.

Well good luck with your more than deserved rest – we can’t wait to hear what you come up with next!

You can catch Bitch Falcon tonight at Hangar, as part of Hard Working Class Heroes at 9:30pm. Tickets for all shows per night are €20, check out Nialler 9’s list of what to see.



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