Our Top 5 Favourite Music Videographers!

After a dip in popularity when music channels started to die out, music videos are having a resurgence in popularity with the increased use of good ol’ Youtube. Bands are therefore focusing a lot on creating imagery to go along with their songs, and here’s a list of the people who are doing it the best:

Kevin Slack

The video for The Wonder Year’s ‘Cardinals’ is one of the most gut wrenching you’ll ever see. It fits the music perfectly and is so beautifully shot. Plus, shooting anything in one take is no easy feat, let alone something like this that you have to get perfectly. The grim colour temperature and the use of close up and long range shots serve for the perfect visuals to coincide with this heartbreaking song.

Kevin Slack has also shot the videos for The Gaslight Anthem and Irish lads The Riptide Movement. He’s also done some fashion lookbooks for Tiger Cuts.

Kyle Thrash

Kyle Thrash directed one of my favourite videos of this year; Neck Deeps ‘Gold Steps’. It starts with the band going down the street of a housing estate on a half pipe on the back of a trailer. Kids start running out of their houses and follow it to a lake where everyone jumps in and hangs out. Its a very simple video but its shot in a way that perfectly captures the community feeling that I think encompasses our scene. Despite being centered around the band, the video presents the band as being on the same level as everyone else in the video. (oh how I love things that erases power imbalances!)

But this isn’t his only note worthy video, he also shot Modern Baseballs ‘Your Graduation’, Four Year Strongs ‘Stolen Credit Card’, Against The Currents ‘Another You (Another Way)’, I could go on and on!

Elliott Ingham

Elliott Ingham directed what has been named countless times as video of the year; ROAM’s Deadweight. The video chronicles ROAM’s task in taking down someone who left a negative comment on their video. It involves combat attire, war paint and movie-worthy war shots. It’s pretty epic.

He has also directed State Champs ‘Secrets’, and WSTR’s ‘Graveyard Shift’.

Reel Bear Media

Twenty One Pilot’s ‘Fairly Local’, on a technical level, is one of the best shot music videos out there. From the layout of each shot, to the way it’s edited, to the beautiful colour temperature used, this video is incredibly appealing to the eyes. The use of the blue vs the red was also a nice little touch. Conceptually, its a wonderful piece of art. And technically, it’s immaculate.

Reel Bear Media has also directed the majority of Twenty One Pilot’s videos, highlights including Lane Boy, Car Radio, and Stressed Out.

Max Moore

Max Moore directed that video that made everyone cry, i.e. the video for Real Friends ‘Sixteen’. It tells the sad story of a kid whose party nobody comes to. It greatly encompasses the feeling of heartache and sorrow that only loneliness can bring, an effect improved greatly with the clever use of slow-mo.

Max Moore has also directed Kuckle Puck’s ‘Disdain‘, Such Gold’s ‘Faced‘, and Citizen’s ‘Stain‘.

Words by Lissa


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