Top 15 of 2015: No. 15- Man Overboard ‘Heavy Love’


Man Overboard released their fourth studio album Heavy Love on June 30th via Rise Records. It’s straight up early 2,000s pop punk. It is familiar and nostalgic; think of the catchy hooks of Sum 41 with the angst of Brand New’s more pop punkier conquests.

With this album the band have evolved as songwriters. The album is more polished yet, incredibly raw. It starts quietly and acoustically before breaking into soft pop punk. The lyrics throughout the album feel sincere, they delve into heartache and depression. The dual vocals hit off each other easily and are distinct enough that its clear who is singing which part.

Borderline was the first song they released on May 11th, along with the announcement of the albums release. This was definitely a good one to release first, its a good example of what to expect with the whole album, from the traditionalist pop punk vocals, to the catchy chorus and the bittersweet lyrics.

With Heavy Love Man Overboard are keeping up their defense of pop punk, even if its perhaps too safe in their hands. Pick up a copy of ‘Heavy Love’ on itunes, here, or stream it on youtube and spotify.

Words by Lissa



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