Best 15 of 2015. No 14: Chunk! No Captain Chunk ‘Get Lost, Find Yourself’


Get Lost, Find Yourself  is Chunk! No Captain, Chunk!’s third studio album. It was released on May 18th via Fearless Records. C!NCC! formed in France in 2007, and they are known mostly for storming onto the scene with the release of their second album Pardon My French. They ended up with one foot in the pop punk door and the other in hardcore.

This album surpasses the excellence of their previous two, and apart from some heavy elements here and there they have, for the most part, all ten feet planted firmly in the pizza box strewn field of pop punk. Ok well maybe there’s still an arm wedged into the hardcore box. It’s light and airy and, for the most part, the guttural growls are kept to a minimum. It’s full of catchy pop punk breakdowns and pop rock collective choruses. It’s an album full of nostalgia and the heavy elements that are present, sink nicely into the pop punk. It’s easy listening and would sound best in a car radio on a long road trip.

The first single they released from the album was the first song on the album (a rarity) ‘Playing Dead’, which was released on the 24th of March. It starts heavy and fast before the pop punk voice comes in and softens things up a bit. It was a good leading single choice, showcasing the best of their light and heavy sides.

Get Lost, Find Yourself is a great heavy pop punk album and is well deserving of a spot in our top 15! Get it here and on itunes, or stream it over on spotify.


Words by Lissa


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