Top 15 of 2015: No 13- Enter Shikari ‘The Mindsweep’


Enter Shikari’s fourth studio album The Mindsweep was released on the 19th of January via Ambush Reality (and Hopeless Records in America). It opens with a spoken word appeal to “the struggling and striving stakeholders of this planet”, before it breaks heavily into the screaming passion we have all grown to love. The lyrics are as politically driven as ever and we are once again graced with the distinctly accented vocals.

The Last Garrison was the first single from the album, released back in October of 2014. It’s an explosion of a song that opens up with the lyric ‘can you hear the war cry?’, and goes on to say ‘heads up and thank fuck you’re still alive’. Its the perfect blend, musically, of everything Enter Shikari brings to the table. This song, like the whole album, is well crafted and perfectly laid out, getting heavier when it needs to, and lightening up a little bit here and there.

With the progression of music going the way it is, it would be easy for Enter Shikari’s brand of electro hardcore to be left behind. But with The Mindsweep they’ve re-claimed and solidified their place in the alternative music scene and have once again produced a collection of music that is new, innovative, and very much their own. The Mindsweep is- like everything Enter Shikari has made before- an album you can scream at the top of your lungs.

Get it here, on itunes or listen over on spotify.


Words by Lissa


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