Top 15 of 2015: No 12- Halsey ‘Badlands’


Badlands is the debut album of American singer-songwriter Halsey and was released on the 28th of August via Astralwerks and Capitol. Badlands is the first of three concept albums that appear on this list. The albums name is a physical place that stands as a metaphor for Halsey’s state of mind while writing the album. It debuted at number 2 on the Billboard 200 charts and number 3 here in Ireland.

Throughout the album Halsey divulges into her own mental state with some jarring and starkly honest results. Badlands is filled with songs of raw and haunting indie pop, with post apocalyptic influences evident at every turn. She sings of battling her inner demons and her experiences with sex, drugs, and violence, all of which she was confronted with at a very young age.

The first single from the album was ‘Ghost’ which was released on June 11th. The video accompanying this electro-pop track was directed by Malia James and was shot in Tokyo. ‘Ghost’ is about being in a relationship with someone who is emotionally closed off. The song originally appeared on her EP Room 93 which was released in 2014.

Get Badlands over here, on itunes or listen on spotify.


Words by Lissa


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