Best 15 of 2015. No 11: Only Rivals ‘Life Is Perfect’


Only Rivals released their debut album ‘Life Is Perfect’ on September 18th via SO Recordings. Only Rivals formed in 2013 from the ashes of pop punk band Homestar Runner, and emerged maturer, cleaner, and better. While Homestar dealt with the woes of teenagedom, Only Rivals are tackling those things you deal with in your twenties; anxiety, life and death, and leaving negativity behind.

They dont stay within one genre on this album, it ranges from pop punk, fast straight up punk, grunge, and alternative rock. But this doesn’t make the album messy or inconsistent, they retain their own unique sound throughout all this genre changing, tying the whole album together.

The first single they released was Replace // Exchange, which is by far the best song on the album. It’s fast, it’s angry, and its honest.

You can get Life Is Perfect here or on itunes or stream it over on spotify.


Words by Lissa



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