Top 15 of 2015: No 9 – Four Year Strong ‘Four Year Strong’


Four Year Strong released their self titled on June 2nd 2015 via Pure Noise Records. It’s their first full length since 2011’s In Some Way, Shape, or Form. For the most part this album is a lot lighter than their usual stuff. It opens with a staticy build up into a sort of heavy synth and leads into their familiar aggressive pop punk. It’s the perfect album for live shows, there are plenty of opportunities for jumping and has a plethora of mosh pit worthy breakdowns.

The first song they released was ‘We All Float Down Here’ on April 9th. As a Stephen King fan, this is my favourite song name from the album, but other gems include: ‘Wipe Yourself Off Man, You Dead’ and ‘Here’s To Swimming With Bow Legged Women’. It’s clear that with this album Four Year Strong have grown, matured and solidified their sound.

You can grab it here, on itunes or stream it over on spotify.

Words by Lissa


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