Top 15 of 2015: No 2: State Champs ‘Around The World and Back’


State Champs released their latest album Around The World and Back on October 16th via Pure Noise Records.

There is obvious growth in this album in comparison to 2013’s The Finer Things. This maturity isn’t too apparent in the lyrics, which  are still centered around self deprecation and heart ache, but rather it shows in the improvement of their musical abilities and how the album was put together. It’s clear the guys are improving as artists and with any luck they’ll keep getting better and better. Evan Ambrosio’s drumming is the highlight of the whole thing, keeping things catchy and held together.

The beginning of the album shows the usual pop punk we’ve gotten from State Champs in the past, but this is changed up in the second half of the album, which brings in a more pop-rock sound and includes an acoustic ballad (of which State Champs are always on top of their game with) and the inclusion of female vocals.

These guys are definitely the kings of their genre, combining the old pop punk style and new elements with complete ease.

Get the album here, on itunes, or stream it over on spotify. You can also check out our review of their gig at The Academy a few months ago.


Words by Lissa



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