Review: Stay Gone ‘Charades’


Stay Gone release their second EP ‘Charades’ today (Jan 6th) via No Panic! Records. After signing to No Panic! Records in early 2015, these French pop punkers have worked hard in creating a stellar five track EP, giving the world a good introduction to their sound, and the heights they will no doubt rise to in the future.

Charades is raw and gritty, and much more heavier than their earlier suff. They’ve shedded the indie pop of their first EP Eyes Get Dimmer.

The first song they released was ‘Suitcase Cellar’ in May, but it’s the next song they released in November thats the highlight of the EP; ‘Wasted’. It has a little bit of early 2,000s emo in there, and a hint of funeral for a friend, all mixed into modern pop punk.

The EP ends with ‘Broken Claw’ which has an anthem feel about it and leads us out of the EP gently and leaves us with the inspiring message “Dont Give Up”. Judging by Charades , signing to No Panic! Records was a very smart move for Stay Gone.

Get the album here, on itunes, or stream it on spotify!


Words by Lissa


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