Review: ROAM ‘Backbone’


Roam released their debut album Backbone on the 22nd of January 2016 via Hopeless Records. This was one of the most highly anticipated albums of the past year after 2015’s Viewpoint, a 4 track EP that put them on the pop punk map. These guys have always been a favourite of mine, especially after catching them play Slam Dunk North last year where we also had the pleasure of interviewing Alex. They also hit up The Academy 2 in Dublin back in September where they stormed the stage with an energetic and memorable performance.

Backbone starts off with a radio-style introduction before breaking into ‘Cabin Fever’, a song full of upbeat pop punk catchy beats which gently eases you into the album without giving you any clue of what to expect with the following tracks. The rest of the album brings in elements of grit, alternative rock, and some slow jams. The albums highlight actually comes in the middle with track 6 ‘Bloodline’ and 7 ‘RIP In Peace’, which are both a little slower in places, showcasing the bands musical and vocal talents.

The leading single from the album was ‘Deadweight’ which they released to much enthusiasm back in October. Along with it was a kick ass video made by Elliot Ingham (whose work we’re big fans of) and was considered by most to be the music video (and song) of the year. The drumming is the highlight of ‘Deadweight’ though; fast and well crafted, it is the main element that brings the song from being awesome to being phenomenal.

It seems ROAM have rooted their sound with this one. The dual vocals hit off each other with ease, keeping the album from sounding too repetitive. Like their live shows, Backbone is energetic and memorable, filled with feverish passion and great musicianship. ROAM are playing the sold out Kerrang! Tour at The Academy on Feb 10th along with Sum 41. Get backbone here, on itunes, or stream it over on spotify!

Words by Lissa



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