Review: Pretend Happy ‘Tired Eyes’


Pretend Happy released their debut album ‘Tired Eyes’ on Feb 8th via Tape Culture Records. It was recorded with Lewis John at The Ranch and according to singer/guitarist Jack Brown, the album is an accumulation of everything the band as individuals have experienced over the past two years.

It starts off slow with ‘Arsonist’ before breaking into slightly faster music half way through the song, screaming “I dont feel anything anymore”. It’s a very somber album at times, with the same air about it as one might get from a Brand New track.

Track 7 ‘Save Me’ was the lead single. It’s emotive and discontented with an uneasy air of suffocation about the slow drowsy guitar. The last track ‘Turnover’ is the highlight, its a little lighter and much more catchy than the others and its a good note to leave the album on.

The albums artwork is well worth a mention too; a slightly eerie image that perfectly encapsulates the self-deprecation and inner torment that is abundant in the songs. The photo was taken by Simon Woodward.

Its an impeccably put together album which is surprising considering its their debut. They fit in nicely with today’s reemergence of the depressing rock of the early 2,000s. Honest, catchy in places, and brilliantly written, Tired Eyes is well worth a listen.

Get it here!!

Words by Lissa.



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