Review: Beware Of You ‘Bears!’


After deciding to release it a week early, Irish band Beware Of You unleashed their EP Bears! into the world. This is the bands second EP release (we reviewed their first EP Self-Portraits here) and was recorded at Red Lake Studios with Gary Duncan. Its seven tracks of alternative pop punk at its finest.

The EP opens pretty heavily until the vocals come in to bring a lighter poppier melody to it. This first track ‘Kid At Heart’ isn’t the strongest on the record, but it’s a good opener, showcasing both the light and heavy sides you can expect with the rest of the songs. The EP’s highlight comes in track 6 ‘Breaking Down Doors’; its punchy with catchy hooks and a killer baseline.

Another high point is at the end of Track 4 ‘New Parts’ where the vocals turn very soft and delicate, giving it a very pleasant tone. The EP ends on a high point too with ‘I’m Done’ which ends in an explosion of guitars.

Throughout the record the heavy guitars contrast nicely with the pop-rock vocals. Vocalist Leah Moore has such a unique gritty tone that brings along an extra edge, making Bears! stand out starkly in the Irish alternative music scene. It’s astonishing to think that Beware of You have only just passed their first birthday, considering the huge impact they’ve already made with their powerful energetic live shows. Every element of the band seems to just have clicked together perfectly from the start, making them one of the most exciting bands around.

The EP launch is taking place in The Green Room at The Academy tomorrow night (the 27th) make sure you stall down to it, if the EP is anything to go by it’ll be a great night. Joining them is Radio Room, Trooper Charlie, and Girlfriend. Offend Brand are also popping over from France to sell their wares on the night too. Get your tickets for the event on ticketmaster. Tickets are €11.75, doors are at 7pm and its an over 18s event.

And head on over here to get a copy of Bears!.



Words by Lissa


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