Review: The Dirty Nil ‘Higher Power’


The Dirty Nil released their debut album Higher Power on February 26th via Dine Alone Records. Hailing from Ontario Canada, these guys bring an adrenaline fueled garage-punk-rock-and-roll that they’ve been creating together since high school. Up until now they’ve release a slew of 7″ singles, mixtapes, EPs, and cassettes, so their first full length was highly anticipated. A lot of people were involved, Shehzaad Jiwani and Adam Bentley produced, John Goodmanson (Sleater Kinney, Death Cab for Cutie, Unwound) mixed, and Troy Glessner (Anberlin, Neck Deep) mastered.

Higher Power summed up in three words would be; loud, distorted, and dismembered. It’s energy fueled garage-rock with a hint of grunge, punk-rock and pure rock and roll. The opening track starts distorted and breaks into an up tempo, which remains solidly throughout the album.

Each song is so raw and energetic they feel like they were created purely to be played live. From small dingy basements to large stadiums, Higher Power could easily carry itself and get everyone moving . Its an exhausting album just to listen to so I can only imagine the intensity of experiencing this band at a gig.

To get your heart pumping, grab Higher Power here, on itunes or stream it on spotify.

Words by Lissa



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