Live review: All Time Low w/ Good Charlotte and Against The Current at 3Arena Dublin

Three of pop punks finest, All Time Low, Good Charlotte, and Against The Current stormed up the 3Arena in Dublin last month (Feb 16th). This collaboration of bands who dominated the scene in three different eras made for a great night of music.

I only caught the last few songs from Against The Current, but thankfully I didn’t miss their cover of Uptown Funk, which was a great warm up, or arguably their best song, Outsiders. They could have easily gotten lost on that big stage but Chrissy commanded the room and didn’t get lost among the massive set up. She filled up the space running from one end to the other and frequenting the runway in the middle that reached almost halfway down the room. (It was an unnecessarily long runway).

Good Charlotte were next up and played for almost an hour. They mainly stuck to their old stuff from 2002’s The Young and the Hopeless but their new song ‘Makeshift Love’ was a big hit with the crowd who sung along to it as loudly as the old greats. They spent a lot of time talking, which was fine, it was nice to hear them sound so happy after being away for so long. They played like they had never even left, sounding and looking comfortable on stage, and were as tight as ever.

It was immediately obvious in the first few minutes that All Time Low have definitely improved their stage set up. They now come with sparklers, fire, and a massive stairs to run up and down. Throughout the show they had their usual energy and display of immature humour and, as always, had the crowd in the palm of their hands.

Alex always takes time out at some point during the show to play an acoustic song alone, and this time he chose Therapy, prompting the crowd to hold up their phone lights like lighters and belt along with it. Therapy is one of those really special songs that you have to hear live at least once in your life, like The Middle by Jimmy Eat World, or Sic Transit Gloria by Brand New, it can connect a room of thousands of people, collectively singing about a shared experience that each and every person has went through alone. Or maybe I’m just a sap.

Another highlight was Joel Madden joining ATL for the fun catchy ‘Bail Me Out’ which followed an outlandish story involving jail. All in all it was a great night in music and proved pop punk can hold their own in an arena.

Words by Lissa



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