‘Icon For Hire’ launch Kickstarter!

American alt/punk band have launched a Kickstarter for their upcoming album – and have already kicked through their target!


Having escaped their record label (with some difficulty) Icon For Hire have taken the route of artists such as Amanda Palmer, and ventured out to connect with their fans directly. The band have been though a lot over this past year so its great to see them receiving so much support from their avid fanbase.

To support their journey, head over to Kickstarter and donate for rewards such as signed posters, exclusive hoodies and even personalised thank-you messages, or just to give the guys a helping hand.

The album You Can’t Kill Us is set for release this year, but with a twist – it’s going to be a year long release! With 3 songs already recorded, and available to backers NOW, there will be 12 more released throughout the year. So get backing to get the exclusive sneak peak!

With new found freedom to product the music they ACTUALLY want, check out their video for “Now You Know”



What do YOU guys think?

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