Review: The Summer War ‘Cult Of You’


Alt indie rock band The Summer War are releasing their new EP Cult Of You on Tuesday, April 12th. With self proclaimed inspirations including Brand New, self-titled era Blink 182, Have Mercy and Foxing, you can expect a  lot of variety on this record.

You can really see this shift in musical genres within not only the entire EP, but also through each song. The Brand New influences are definitely the strongest, taking musical styles from both The Devil and God and to a lesser extent Deja Intendu.

They took their time writing this one, leaving an 18 month gap between their last release. They seemed to have taken this time to hone their musicical skills and solidify their sound, resulting in varied genre-hopping without sounding inconsistent. It sounds a lot less rushed than their previous releases, and feels as though they’ve put their whole heart and soul into this one. Each song is layered over with frequent use of crescendo and a juxtaposition of hard and soft tones.

The first song they released was track 2 ‘Walk With Kings’, which was a very personal one for vocalist/guitarist David Ciaramella as it deals with his struggles with anxiety. But its shrouded in hope and positivity and according to Ciaramella, “It serves as a constant reminder that with perseverance, you can overcome whatever bleak situation you might be in at the time.”


Cult of You is currently being streamed exclusively over on Punktastic. I highly recommended forking out the few bob for this one. You can pre-order the EP here.


Words by Lissa


What do YOU guys think?

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