Review: Screech Bats

screech bats ep cover

We were pretty bummed to hear Hearts Under Fire were taking a little break, so we were stoked to hear that Kit and Lexi had started a new project (and were being joined by Esme and Rio). We were even more stoked after giving their new EP a listen.

The best way I can think to describe it is it’s like a mixture of The Distillers and Hole with a dash of Alkaline Trio and a small sprinkle of riot grrrl. The EP is catchy with some killer hooks and a nice use of the bands dual vocals. The gritty vocals are softened here and there so the songs aren’t too harsh. Track 2 has my favourite song title of the EP; ‘Kiss Me In The Rain (So I Get Wet Twice)’. Nice.

Track 3 ‘E.T’ has a killer baseline with a slightly smoother sound but it still retains the sharp punk-rock edge. The vocals on track 4 absolutely kill, and the hard hitting drums don’t falter throughout. The guitars are catchy and carry the choruses on each track.

It’s four tracks of fun, pure, unfiltered punk rock. Get the EP here. Geeettt it. They’re playing the Rebellion Punk Festival this summer, so if you’re over in that neck of the woods make sure you check them out.

Words by Lissa


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