Review: Cold Summer ‘Fight To Survive’


Cold Summer, a 4 membered band from Leeds, formed in 2011 and recently released their EP Fight To Survive on April 1st, to raving reviews. It’s 6 tracks of hyper, energetic, firey post-hardcore.

The EP opens with ‘Bear Eats Wolf’; after a slow releasing opener it punches you right in the face with some explosive hardcore screaming, jolting you awake, ensuring you’re paying attention. The drumming you are greeted with is hard hitting, off-beated, and throughout the EP are the stand-out. Give Justin Eastwood a few more years of practice and he’ll be among the hardcore drumming greats.

They also released a video for ‘Bear Eat’s Wolf’ that was directed and edited by Judd Wrighton.

There’s a lot of power moments in this album, but they aren’t limited to the choruses,  almost every section of each song is running to its full capacity. The lyrics however sometimes seem to fall over themselves; there are too many syllables to fit into the time they’re given. But the meaning behind them is strong and they get the point across.

I’m generally not a post-hardcore fan (with some exceptions- Funeral For A Friend for instance) but you can now count me among the growing numbers of Cold Summer fans. Get Fight To Survive over on bandcampor itunes.


Words by Lissa


What do YOU guys think?

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