Unmissable acts at Slam Dunk

First up on our unmissable acts series is Slam Dunk! We’ve picked the acts we’re most excited about catching at Slam Dunk Music Festival, which is taking place on the 28th -30th of May across three locations. The first day is in Leeds City Centre and is sold out. Day 2 takes place in The Nec in Birmingham, limited tickets are still available. Day 3 is at The Forum in Hertfordshire and its also sold out. Some of these bands clash so big decisions have to be made *sob*.

Moose Blood

Moose Blood formed in 2012 and recently signed to Hopeless Records. They also released a new song called ‘Honey’ and announced a new album Blush which will be out on August 5th. While they seem to mostly associated with the term ’emo’ they’re more of an alternative indie band with a hint of pop punk/punk rock here and there. Their last album I’ll Keep You In Mind From Time To Time was released in 2014, and is definitely in my top 10 favourite albums of all time. Listen to ‘Bukowski’ below. They play Slam Dunk North at the Main Stage in Millennium Square at 13:30, Slam Dunk Midlands at the Main Stage in the Genting Arena at 13:30, and Slam Dunk South in the Main Stage at Hutton Lawn at 13.30.



WSTR are a 4 piece pop punk band from Liverpool. Check out our review of their latest EP SKRWD here which was released on the 4th of September via No Sleep Records. They play the Impericon Stage in Leeds Beckett Student Union at Slam Dunk North, Pavilion 2 at Slam Dunk Midlands and in Refectory at Slam Dunk South, each at at 14.25. Cheack out their track ‘Graveyard Shift’.



Fresh off a tour with the aforementioned Moose Blood, Irish band Greywind are starting to make huge waves overseas. They play the acoustic/solo stage at the Baa Bar at Slam Dunk North, at 16.50, Forum Live 2 at Slam Dunk Midlands at 19.00, and Style Bar in Slam Dunk South, at 17.40. They released ‘Forest Ablaze’ in March taken from their upcoming album due out this year.



Issues dont really fit into the one genre. Their facebook page says ‘intercoastal heavy pop’ which isnt really that far off. Listen to their latest single ‘Coma’ below, its taken from their upcoming album Headspace. They play the Atlas stage at Cookridge Street in Slam Dunk North at 20.20, Pavilion 1 at Slam Dunk Midlands at 19.20, and the Piazza at Slam Dunk South at 20.20.



Hyper thunderous punk band Gnarwolves are definitely ones to go to if you want to let loose and go completely mental. They play the Impericon Stage at 16.10 at Leeds Beckett Student Union at Slam Dunk North, Pavilion 2 at Midlands, and Refectory in South. ‘Bottle To Bottle’ was released in 2014 and appeared on their self-titled debut album.


Four Year Strong

Four Year Strong are a pop punk/hardcore band signed to Pure Noise Records. These guys definitely know how to put on a good show, don’t miss them. Four Year Strong play The Key Club Stage at the o2 Academy in Slam Dunk North at 18.00, Forum Live in Slam Dunk Midlands at 19.25, and Forum in Slam Dunk South at 20.20.


The Starting Line

The Starting Line have been knocking about since forever. We’ve chosen an oldie song for nostalgias sake. Tell me what you thought about when you were gone and, so alone….. They play The Key Club Stage at the O2 Academy in Slam Dunk North at 19.10, Forum Live in Slam Dunk Midlands at 20.35, and Forum in Slam Dunk South at 18.00.



Punk band from Southampton, Creeper are relative newbies and are set to make their mark on the Fresh Blood Stage. Creeper play at 19.20 in Leeds Beckett student Union 2 in North, 19.20 at the Piazza in Midlands, at 19.20 at Attic in South.  Check out ‘The Stranger’ below.


The Qemists

Brighton boys The Qemists play an eclectic form of electric rock which is sure to make for an amazing show and dance sesh. They play the Uprawr Stage at 19.15, in the Rose Bowl Underground in North, the smoking area at Forum Live in the midlands, and Hutton Lawn 2 in South.  Check out ‘Run You’ below taken from their album Warrior Sound.



What do YOU guys think?

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