Unmissable acts at 2000 Trees Festival


Next up on our unmissable acts series is 2000 Trees Festival! We’ve picked the acts we’re most excited about catching at this years 2000 Trees, which is taking place on the 7th-9th of July in Cheltenham. Get your tickets over on their website.

Neck Deep

Neck Deep formed in 2012 and quickly took the pop punk scene by storm. Check out our review of their latest release, Life’s Not Out To Get You which was out in August last year via Hopeless Records. We’ve caught these guys live twice before (both at Slam Dunk…. come to Ireland already!) and they are amazing live, they keep the energy up and the crowd moving.


Moose Blood

Moose Blood are in my top 5 favourite bands at the moment, so I’m super biased, but you should definitely go see them. They recently signed to Hopeless Records, released a new song called ‘Honey’, and announced a new album Blush which will be out on August 5th.



Basement released their latest album Promise Everything in January, via Run For Cover Records. After taking a break a few years ago, Basement have come back refreshed and better than ever. They’d be a great band to go to for some down time and a bit of nostalgia.


Trash Boat

Trash Boat are currently releasing a bunch of covers of bands that influenced them when writing their upcoming album Nothing I Write You Can Change What You’ve Been Through. They recently released a song ‘Strangers’ featuring the man himself, Dan ‘Soupy’ Campbell. They’re full of energy and definitely ones to put on your schedule.



One of the best bands to come out of Leeds, Brawlers released their debut album Romantic Errors Of Our Youth last year and they’ll hopefully be releasing some more new stuff soon enough. Check out their track Annabel:



We caught these guys supporting Funeral For A Friend over in Birmingham, and they were incredible live. They didn’t have much to work with; the crowd was very stoic, but they didn’t let that stop them, the frontman spent most of his time in among the crowd, both up in the balcony and down on the floor. I can only imagine how great they are with a good crowd around them.


What do YOU guys think?

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