Review: Seven Stories High ‘Take The Long Road Home’


5 piece Welsh pop punkers Seven Stories High are releasing a mini-album on the 20th of May. Take The Long Road Home is 6 tracks of your usual infectious pop punk, but with a hint of those bands from the mid-2000s that only sat on the fringes of the pop punk scene. The best way I can think to describe them is if Four Year Strong and Kids In Glass Houses made a record together, and its the KIGH vocals in them that gives makes them stand out a little more.

Full of infectious guitars, catchy hooks and vigorous drumming, Seven Stories High sound like they could be on their fourth or fifth album. Which isn’t surprising considering they’ve been playing since they were young’uns, but their tightness as a band really shows, and the line up is solid, with each member giving equal power and passion into the songs.

In true pop punk form they have female guest vocalist, Charlotte from Dream State (who are great and you should definitely check them out) on track 5 ‘Wait For It’. Her angelic vocals fit in nicely with Rhys’s, and as a result it’s probably the strongest track on the album. Track 6 ‘Skin Me Alive’ was recorded all in one take in the studio, resulting in a stripped back and  musically honest acoustic track that’s tailor made for a unifying moment at a live show.

The lyrics range from bullying, friendship, anxiety, and growing up. It’s a celebration of unity, with starkly honest moments about the downsides of life, teenagedom and adulthood.

The beautiful cover for the record also deserves a mention; it perfectly encapsulates the grim but hopeful feel of the album. It was shot by the talented Alex-Jay, you should check his stuff out.

They’ll be heading out on tour soon to promote the album. How about an Irish date there lads? Pre-order Take The Long Road Home now.

Words by Lissa.


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